SBI ATM card status Check here [Debit card track online 2022]

SBI ATM card status [SBI Debit Card Tracking 2022]– Hello friends, are you searching how to track your new SBI ATM card online? Do you want to know SBI ATM card status for delivery? Do you know how to check SBI debit card tracking? Today I am going to share step by step process to know the actual status of your new SBI Debit Card or SBI ATM Card tracking status. Just read this post up to the end for  ATM card tracking.

SBI ATM Card status check online tracking

What is SBI ATM card and who will get it?

First of all, you have to know what is SBI ATM card and who will get it? Friends, when a person opens a new bank account into SBI card then the bank issues a new SBI ATM card for him. Is is a debit card for use of online transaction and withdrawal of money from ATM machine.

SBI ATM card dispatching branch dispatches new debit card via speed post. A new SMS/message will be sent on the registered mobile number for information of booking of SBI Debit card.

The format of the above informative messages as under:-

Your SBI Debit Card ending with XXXX (last four Digits of Card) dispatched on DD-MM-YY through Speed Post No. XXXXXXXXXXXX. Please follow instructions on the welcome letter to generate your PIN.”

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Check SBI Debit cum ATM card status tracking in 2022

When you get the above message for your new SBI account then you can track SBI debit card status online. Many people does not know how it is possible because they do not have proper knowledge. So today I am going the step by step process for SBI Debit card tracking, Check SBI debit card status, Track SBI debit card online status.

The above informative message has a specific number starting with E_xxxxxxxxxIN. It is a speed post article number. You can also say it consignment number. It is a unique number. So that, you can track SBI ATM card status by using this speed post consignment number. Just check full procedure in next paragraph.

SBI ATM Card status tracking

How to track your new SBI ATM card status for delivery

Here I am going to share full process for tracking of SBI Debit card status.

SBI debit cum atm card status online check

  • Now, enter consignment number in proper column.
  • Fill Captcha code and click on the Search button. You will get Debit Card Status In front of you.
  • You will find the page like below screen.

SBI debit cum atm card status online check on phone

  • If you article is showing Item Delivered to. It means you SBI ATM card delivered to you or at your home address.
  • If you Debit card status is showing in between post offices, it means ATM/debit Card will be delivered in upcoming 2-3 days by your nearest post office staff.

FAQs on SBI ATM card status

Question 1. How I tracking SBI card online in 2022?

Answer- Check the full process above.

Question 2. After messages received, how many days will be taken for delivery of card?

Answer- Approximate 4-8 days.

Question 3. Who will get ATM card?

Answer- Although Atm card will be issued for new sbi account, however people can also request for new atm card of SBI.

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