Malayalam Modal and Actress Shahana found dead on her 22th birthday

Shahana famous Kerala model dead at her residence on 12 May 2022

Shahana was a young model of Kerala's Kozhikode. She was found dead in her bathroom.

Shahana’s husband Sajjad claimed that she died by suicide

Shahana's family specially mother claimed that Shahana was murdered by her husband Sajjid.

Shahana's family accuses her of domestic violence against her husband Sajjad. 

Shahana's husband Sajjad has been taken into custody by police as suspect of death of Sahana.

Malayalam and Kerala Modal  Shahana death  under mysterious circumstances.

Shahana had married with Sajjid in Kozhikoda before one and half year ago. 

Shahana had started her modelling career after the marriage. She also used to act in Tamil film.